Creative forces unite in the ultimate collaboration between artist and designer. Minnie Lane brings Scarlett Baily's art from gallery walls to your closet.

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Some say that they were separated at birth and found each other in New York City. Working for a designer in the Meatpacking District, Scarlett managed PR while Mimi designed upstairs. After work, they would raid each other’s closets and paint the town red from one dancefloor to another. Imagine a 2008 NYC version of Edina and Patsy from Absolutely Fabulous.
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This capsule collection is inspired by the #DesnudaDiario (#NakedEveryday) real women portrait series by visual artist Scarlett Baily. The portraits are a product of Baily’s open call for female models representing various body types, who had never posed in the nude before. The result was a liberating platform for women to experience the joy of being in their wildest form — the nude. This collection reimagines the nude as a form of power and sisterly solidarity.


“The feel, along with the elongated and illustrative aesthetic of her work were why I knew we had to join forces and turn her art into jewelry.” 
— Minnie Lane 


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We know you are a Chingona, a Rifada, and a Guerrera. This collection celebrates the fierce females of the world — the badasses, the ambitious, the warriors! We see you, and we honor you. The collaboration with Chicana visual artist Scarlett Baily is inspired by the lettering used in her murals celebrating multi-culturalism and solidarity without borders.


“As a Mexican-American artist, my mission is to preserve the nuances of our culture and language is a major part of that. There is nothing that makes me feel brighter than when a friend calls me Chingona… that is when I really feel badass.” 
— Scarlett Baily


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