Materials & Care

Materials & Care

Quality is very important to us. Because of this, we plate with a thick gold plate for maximum durability.  All jewelry is nickel free and all earring posts are sterling silver to avoid any sensitivities.

We want you to enjoy your Minnie Lane jewelry for years to come. The following proper care and cleaning guidelines are strongly recommended:

  • Avoid contact with chemicals. Do not wear while using harsh chemicals, household cleaners or hand soaps.

  • Avoid impact with hard or abrasive surfaces.

  • Store your jewelry in a clean, dry, fabric lined pouch or box when not wearing it.

  • Jewelry with gemstones should be stored in individual compartments to avoid scratches.

  • Clean jewelry at home using a mixture of mild dish soap and lukewarm water; a soft toothbrush or microfiber cloth may also be used. 

  • Clean sterling silver pieces with silver polish cleaner and a non-abrasive cloth or soft toothbrush.